Fee Schedule & Cancellation Policy

Private Yoga Session

Includes customized home practice.

1 hour = $50.00

3 sessions = $135.00 (upfront commitment)

5 sessions = $225.00 (upfront commitment)


Certified Yoga Therapy

First Intake = 1 hour and 15 minutes = $80.00

Subsequent = 60 minutes = $60.00

3 sessions = $165.00 (upfront commitment)

5 sessions = $275.00 (upfront commitment)

Yoga Therapy clients will receive the Yoga Private Rate after a period of time.


Personal Training

1 hour = $45.00

10 sessions = Contact Angie for this session rate


Drop in fee = $12.00

Prepaid punch card with 10 punches = $100.00 (upfront commitment)

Drive fee for house calls = $5.00





Cancellation Policy

Cancellation with less than 24-hour notice is charged at the normal rate. Cancellation with a 24-hour notice is charged 50% of fee. No shows are charged. If you are not a prepaid client, then we will kindly ask for the payment of class missed on your next visit. This applies to house calls as well.


Special Pricing Consideration

We do work with those whose need exceed their resources. A sliding scale pricing is available to those who are dedicated to practice.  Special considerations are made for military personnel.