Personal Training

Angie loves helping her clients learn how to take care of themselves through exercise and wellness. Helping clients  meet their personal goals with encouragement, motivation and through proper instruction and form.

Angie works with her clients to put together personalized exercise programs that works for them. She works closely with individuals who want to start an exercise program or taking individuals who have been exercising, taking them to the next level of fitness. Angie believes in strengthening the whole body, mind and soul through toning, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular improvements for each individual.

Angie‘s passion to help others and  with her heart center and creative approach, is sure to give her clients  and students a great experience, touching on her three core areas of body, mind and soul.

Though she had many years teach groups or classes, Angie enjoys working with individuals to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you maintain or reach personal goals, please contact Angie directly at (970) 388-3351 or by email.