Meditation/Yoga Nidra

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Angie has taken 60+ hours training on Inner Conscious Relaxation (also known as Yoga Nidra) training with Swami Brahmananda (Ed Shapiro) and Swami Dharmavati (Deb Shapiro).

Inner Conscious Relaxation is a powerful technique to learn how to relax consciously.  True relaxation is actually an experience far beyond watching TV, drinking coffee or reading the newspaper.  For absolute relaxation, you must remain aware and not fall asleep.  Yoga Nidra is a complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation that uses deep relaxation techniques, breathing and guided meditation to systematically reduce the physical, emotional, mental and subconscious tensions. In order to relax completely the inner tension of the mind and body must be released. Yoga Nidra is a scientific method of removing the above tensions.

Yoga Nidra is a inner awareness and movement through consciousness, rather than deliberate autosuggestions.  When practicing Yoga Nidra one must relax completely, this is not a practice of concentration.

Email Angie directly if you are interested in a yoga relaxation workshop or call her at (970) 388-3351.


Angie is a trained and Certified Meditation Teacher through Shambhava School of Yoga.

The benefits of doing medication techniques are:

Stress Management

Relief of Anxiety Attacks


Low Blood Pressure

Decreased Tension

Reduced Pain

Reduced Headaches

Increased Creativity


More Peacefulness

and more.

Angie offers 3 tracks of Guided Meditation with Angie CD, Vol. 1, Open your Heart and Surrender your Mind for purchase.

If you are wanting to learn more about starting a mediation practice and benefits of meditation please contact Angie at (970) 388-3351 or email her here.