Senior Wellness

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Discover a new way to live…the healthy way…no matter what age you are! Angie is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and loves working with those who are 50 and older to maintain mobility, flexibility and strength. Angie loves working with the senior population to help them get started in a training or therapeutic program to help them maintain a level of activity they desire.

She has recently been accepted as a FLEX instructor for the Silver Sneaker Program and will be able to offer Yoga classes for that population at her studio.

As your Personal Trainer Angie will work on balance, flexibility, strength, mobility, daily living activities.

Angie will help the individuals meet their goals.

Using Therapeutic Yoga can address different health issues like: arthritis, diabetes, depression, anxiety, joint and shoulder stiffness, respiratory, low back pain and chronic illnesses.

Senior Yoga

Senior Yoga offers chair stretching and standing yoga poses.

This class will progress so that flexibility, balance, and breath work will improve overall health of the individual.

Please call to find out class dates and times.

Must register for class and a minimum of 5 for class to make.



Please contact Angie by phone (970) 388-3351 or by email with questions.