Testimonials From Angie’s Clients

“Thanks for your dedication to bringing healing, health and balance to our lives through yoga and conditioning. It has made a HUGE difference!” – T. S., Greeley

“I have been diagnosed and am presently being treated for Parkinson’s Disease. I began taking yoga classes from Angie on my doctor’s recommendation.  I took them twice a week for about a year. Her class is always full with a long wait list. Everyone around her feels special, because of her warm and friendly demeanor. I decided to retain her to do individual yoga therapy for me twice a week. Her yoga therapy session have done me a tremendous amount of good. She addresses the whole body, mind and mental blockages with special emphasis on my Parkinson symptoms. I feel my disease has been slowed down since I have been going to her for about a year now.” – Anonymous, Greeley

“Yoga changed my life. Nearly three years ago, I was recovering from the second knee replacement when I saw an ad from my employer offering a yoga class during the lunch hour. I decided to attend the class despite my fear and feeling embarrassed about being out of shape. Angie welcomed me and made me feel comfortable in class. Angie also modified some of the more difficult positions and with time, I mastered many of them. I worked hard and as a result I lost weight, my diabetes condition came under control with a decrease in the A1C (6 pints!) number and my blood pressure is now normal! My doctor was amazing with the changes in my life.  Six months ago I was in a car accident that resulted in multiple bruises, concussion, hair line fracture on my right shoulder and a torn rotator cuff. Although it was a traumatic experience I used all the breathing techniques and relaxation techniques I learned which helped me through the emergency room scene. After five months of physical therapy I returned to yoga class. I tell everyone about yoga classes with Angie and how good I feel and I firmly believe my life is happier and more enjoyable. Thank you for your support in my journey to being healthy and free from emotional and physical pain.” – D.F., Greeley

“Angie, you have no idea how much you have helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. You are helping me become the best I can be. Your yoga therapy is extraordinary. One of the things I most appreciate about Angie is her ability to deliver exactly what I am looking for even though I had given her vague answers to her questions. I always feel better and think better after working with Angie. She has helped me through struggles and I always receive more than I expected from her. She is compassionate, understanding and one of the best at motivating people. By working with Angie, I am doing more physically at age 70 than I did at age 50. I breath better, I have lower blood pressure and I have much lower stress levels. Angie’s expertise is second to non. She can develop a personalized program for you that includes training and yoga.” – Bert, Greeley

“Angie does a great job making sure her clients are safe with form .  I also have had some physical issues  and Angie does a great job of adjusting exercises to meet my needs.  Angie is a very caring, friendly, encouraging person that always makes you want to strive to do better physically.”  Bonnie, Greeley

“Angie takes great care with her students.”   M.K., Greeley

“I have attended class regularly for 1 year and as a Senior (75) have benefitted with improved fitness, relaxation and sound sleep. Angie has a give of working with older adults by helping us expand our potential at eh same time acknowledging our age related limitations.” J.K., Greeley

“Monday/Wednesday Yoga Ball Fusion ~ I have been attending this class since June 2010.  I absolutely love it!  I have been too many exercise class over the year and this is the first time that I absolutely hate missing one session.  My overall balance and strength has improved significantly along with increase flexibility.  I would definitely recommend this class for all ages.” Sandy, Greeley

“I have attended Angie’s Yoga Ball Fusion class for 3 1/2 years.  I first started taking the class after having knee surgery the previous year.  I had tried other exercise classes, but they all caused to much stress on the knee.  Yoga Ball Fusion allowed me to build up the surrounding muscles to support my knee.  Angie is very knowledgeable in the moves, and has a very non-threatening manner of teaching.”  Kristi, Eaton