Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Therapy is complementary to Western Medicine and should not be construed as a substitute for either a medical diagnosis or a services by a physician. The organization that is heading up the continued expansion in this field of Yoga Therapy is the International Association of Yoga Therapist ( Yoga Therapy continues to expand here in the States.

Yoga Therapy uses different aspects of yoga tools to help the individual with specific issues. There is now research and case studies done showing Yoga Therapy has profound positive effects on the body, mind and soul.

3-5 Therapeutic Yoga sessions are recommended.

Issues a Yoga Therapist works with:



Mood Disorders

Musculoskeletal Imbalances

Metabolic Issues


Chronic and Terminal Illnesses

Parkinson’s Disease



and more

Yoga Therapy is about working with your body to deal with a current state of pain an discomfort. Angie helps you obtain a pain-free range of motion. We utilize different asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques and relaxation exercised to help the body restore and rejuvenate and make a solid mind and body connection.


What Is The Difference Between a Yoga Class or Therapeutic Yoga?

Yoga is taught in a group setting that also utilizes breath work, meditation, asanas, in specific sequences to attempt to fulfill a particular goal or intention for current students.

Group yoga classes are not meant to address specific issues.

Yoga classes are not personalized for individuals.

Yoga Therapy is set up to be a one-on-one setting.

All issues are carefully considered in Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy is customized for that individual and their specific need.

Private Yoga Sessions 

Works with the individual to build confidence and knowledge of yoga poses through instruction of correct form. Individual yoga session helps one with flexibility, balance, strength and correct breathing when moving the body.


Angie Noe, owner of  Training and Yoga with Angie, offers Yoga Therapy instruction as a professional Certified Yoga Therapist. Angie loves to work with individuals of all ages who require or desire one-on-one exploration in Yoga Therapy.

If you are seeking to maintain or optimize your current health situation or have an injury or illness please contact me to discuss what Yoga Therapy can do for you or someone you might know.

Angie can be reached at (970) 388-3351 or