Yoga Ball Fusion

Yoga Ball Fusion 

Yoga Ball Fusion is Angie’s own creation of combining all exercises that she enjoys teaching into a great energizing & creative class. Yoga Ball Fusion is dynamic and innovating for any fitness level.

Yoga Ball Fusion is a class that uses the stability ball, weights or Versa-Tubing with handles and Yoga to challenge your body in balance, strength, flexibility and movement. Using a stability ball adds another dimension to the class with balance, strength, and help assist the body in movement and flexibility.

Weights are used in different exercise to help increase strength and toning the body. Longer repetitions are incorporated to help one attain leaner muscles. Adding strength is a great component in aiding in the yoga poses that require more strength.

Versa -Tubing is used at different times, to give the class a different dynamic, to work muscles in a different way with resistance in both directions.

Yoga is incorporated throughout the class. Different stretches will be used to help lengthen the muscles in the body. One will learn a series of different basic yoga poses, to fill confident at yoga.